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Here is the headache

Experienced Devs will tell you how challenging it can be to work on a full stack saas project while also building your company. Here is a breakdown of the super draining, weeks long process of setting up a saas project from scratch.

12 hrs Building a Node.js server

+ 2 hrs Setting up a database

+ 3 hrs to set up emails

+ 6 hrs designing a landing page

+ 6 hrs to handle Stripe webhooks

+ 2 hrs for SEO tags

+ 4 hrs Building Authentication system

+ 2 hrs setting up Google Oauth

+ 3 hrs for DNS records

+ ∞ hrs overthinking

= 40+ hrs of headaches


Easy to use boilerplate code built with a reliable stack

FasterNode provides you with the boilerplate code you need to launch, FASTER. Cut out API integration headaches: FasterNode takes care of logins, payments, emails and much more.

Nodejs logo
Server Side JavaScript

Node.js + Express

  •   Node.js & Express server
  •   Written in vanilla JavaScript
  •   Single server.js file
  •   Production ready code
  •   Helper functions
  •   Time saved: 12 hours
Mysql databaselogo


  •   MySql database schema
  •   Ready to restore .sql file
  •   Data you own
  •   Stored on your server
  •   Sql injections protection
  •   Time saved: 2 hours
CSS3 Stylesheet logo
CSS3 Styles

Pure CSS3 Stylesheets

  •   Modern & simple theme
  •   Built with pure CSS3
  •   Change CSS variables
  •   Easily cutomizable
  •   Pre-configured Tailwind CSS
  •   Time saved: 3 hours
Stripe payments and subscriptions logo
Payments & Subscriptions


  •   Set up Subscriptions
  •   Handle webhooks
  •   Customer portal
  •   Built-in pricing page
  •   Easy setup
  •   Time saved: 6 hours
Mailgun transactional email service logo


  •   Send transactional emails
  •   Use the Mailgun API
  •   High email deliverability
  •   Fast and secure
  •   Setup in 15 minutes
  •   Time saved: 3 hours
Authentication and google oauth logo

Custom Auth + Google oAuth

  •   Custom & reliable authentication
  •   Own your auth, don't pay for it
  •   Signup/Login with Google
  •   Save users in your MySql database
  •   Private/protected pages & API calls
  •   Time saved: 6 hours
Full Ownership & Control

Own what you Build! Don't Pay monthly for Backends & Databases

  •  Full Control & Customization: You have complete control over the user authentication flow and data schema in the MySQL database. This allows you to tailor the system to your specific needs.

  •  Full Ownership of Your Data: Own your data by storing it on your server. Forget about monthly membership fees for databases and authentication, FasterNode comes with pre-built solutions for a strong and scalable business.

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About me

Who is behind FasterNode?

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Hey fellow indie hackers!

I'm Rahim, and like you, I'm constantly brimming with ideas for cool startups and side projects. The struggle? Getting past the initial setup. Authentication, Stripe integration, emails... – it all adds up, sucking the launch-day energy right out of you. That's why I created FasterNode!

I designed FasterNode with simplicity in mind. It offers a minimal layer of abstraction, giving you full control over the code. This means you can easily customize the user authentication flow or data schema. Plus, is designed to run the entire stack on a single server. This gives you full ownership of your data, storing it securely on your own server.

Think of it as a turbo booster for your Node.js SaaS project. FasterNode is a feature-rich boilerplate packed with goodies like user auth, payments, transactional emails and more to get you launching faster and focusing on what truly matters - building an awesome SaaS that solves problems!

With, you can skip the boilerplate setup and focus on what you do best: developing innovative features and building game-changing startups. No more abandoned ideas – FasterNode lets you ship projects like crazy and turn your ideas into reality in record time!

Have any questions or want to chat about building cool stuff? Hit me up on Twitter or via email. Let's build something awesome together!

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